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Savage agrees if the ghost has "small" back footprints'
Robbie Savage, former midfielder, fears that if the "Red Devils" Manchester. United grab Alexis Sanchez,sbobet
the offensive line of the Chilean national team from the "cannon" Arsenal will be like to get Eric. Kanto, former legend of the club 25 years ago
Sanchez is about to end his contract with Arsenal at the end of this season, getting the attention of both Manchester. City and Manchester United
Yesterday Phil Neville, a former United striker, commented that if Sanchez moved to Ole Miss.
Trackford will be like Kanto in the past, and in the end, Savage speaks the same way.
"Alexis Sanchez will be one of the biggest scoopers ever since they pulled Eric. Kona is from the Leeds Championship, "said Savage.sbobet
"And if he ends up moving to a neighboring team. He will add to the horror of Manchester City's offensive line. "
"No way. It's like having a 'Welcome to Manchester' sign appearing in English football soon. "
"It is unreasonable for Arsenal to restrain a player who can move a worthless club in the summer if they can get around £ 30million for him now."sbobet
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