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Άβαταρ μέλους
By kema cooll
Arsene Wenger has confessed that Arsenal should have sold Alexis Sanchez in the summer after losing the talisman to Manchester United.
Wenger believes Arsenal were wrong to keep the Chilean at the Emirates after Manchester City came knocking for the forward in the summer.
www sbobet888 With the former Barcelona man in the last year of his contract – and with Pep Guardiola tabling a late bid in August – Wenger has admitted that, despite not having a replacement lined up, the Gunners would have benefitted from parting company with Sanchez earlier.
After months of speculation surrounding the 29-year-old’s future, Manchester United pounced to sign the forward when Manchester City cooled their interest in January.
The deal saw Henrikh Mkhitaryan head to north London as part of a swap deal, but even so, Wenger believes Arsenal should have sold Sanchez in the summer.
Speaking with BT Sport, about the ‘uncertainty’ that surrounded Sanchez, Wenger said, via the Mirror: “We have not the defensive stability since the start of the season that you need to have to be completely efficient at our level.
“And as well there was a lot of uncertainty around the team with the Sanchez case, the Ozil case. For the whole season that was a really difficult case.
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